Vegan Pancake Day – 6 recipes


Though I often eat pancakes on birthdays, festivals, Sundays, random evenings, I still wait for pancake day with enthusiasm all year round. This is my opportunity to have a meal of savoury pancakes to start and sweet pancakes to finish. It feels like a victory meal. Once when I was ten I ate 12 sweet crepes, which has been my personal record. But I only ate crepe pancakes back then. I always thought the weird small fat things Americans call pancakes were gross and I wouldn’t touch them or accept that they were called pancakes at all.  Nowadays, since I have been to America and tried them, I have learned to enjoy sweet, fluffy, puffy pancakes.

Anyway enough on me – here I have collected a few vegan pancake recipes you can find on the web. Today, for snack, I tried two kinds purely just to tell you which would be better….

First the easiest vegan pancakes ever:

5 minute (if you have a mixer) vegan pancakes


They are yummy but a little bit boring and a little bit sweet. I like to add the toppings myself.

Second, the Jamie vegan pancakes

Follow the recipe and you will not regret it. They are fab and the blueberry bit makes them extra special.


IMAG0333 IMAG0341 IMAG0344



 Vegan Crepe recipe from PETA

Better looking (AMAZING LOOKING) Vegan crepes 

Wholegrain pancakes from Minimalist Baker that look a bit complicated but worth it

Vegan AND Gluten Free Oh She Glows pancakes

And a whole bunch of AMAZING LOOKING VEGAN CREPES on Pinterest – the photo for this blog is for the chickpea crepe with tofu Ricotta, Delicious

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