The Shmita Fashion Campaign

One of the things we are doing this Shmita year is the campaign on fashion. We want to bring to your attention how fashion can be both beautiful and sustainable. Fashion should focus on individuality, unique style and fun but it must be exploitation free without the huge environmental impacts it causes such as landfills. So step away from fast fashion into the world of upcycling, recycling, vintage, sustainable brands, ethical brands etc. and love not only the final product but the fact that the person who made it is supported fairly by that piece of clothing and that the environment has been cared for by your purchase.

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Fashion blogs

Why you should buy ethical/vintage and how to do it

During our daily commute, lives, and concerns over what to cook for dinner and how we can get a job/partner/dress that truly fulfils me, occasional sustainable living references willdownload (2)interrupt our musings and conversations. Whether it is in a bleak advert on the underground that screams scare tactics about the imminent flooding we will all face from the ice caps which we have killed or by a vegan friend who only buys vegetables locally coming to dinner or by a collapsing factory full of innocent exploited workers creating fast fashion.It is all too easy to gasp at the story, feel bad for a second and then just move on with our busy lives and our busy concerns. We don't classify these issues as our concerns because we think they are too big, too unmanageable to directly affect us or impact our lives.

We associate sustainable living with inconvenience, having to separate out our rubbish into wet recyclable bins and spend money on hemp.
Actually sustainable living can be cheaper, healthier, happier and far more glamorous then our pre-conceptions make it out to be. And very much like what Tescos or my orthodox brother always says 'every little helps.' The same can be said of sustainable living

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No-Shop Shul outfits

imageWhen I was a child, Rosh Hashanah was always marked with a new outfit. Perhaps because I had grown and needed new school shoes at the same time of year… but nevertheless, the connection was made – yom tov means new clothes. Plus, the chagim coincide with the arrival of the A/W collections!

But this Rosh Hashanah heralds the start of a Shmita year – the last of a seven year cycle laid out in the Torah: Six years you shall sow your land and gather in its yield; but in the seventh year, you shall let it rest and lie fallow. Shemot, Parshat Mishpatim, 23:10-11

Guest contributor, Jude – stylist at whatwearwhen, offers some savvy styling tips to make the most of what you already have.


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Brands we love


House of Beth is an online ethical fashion marketplace selling preloved designer clothing and ethical brands. House of Beth are the online destination for fashionable and affordable second hand clothing.  They are the Social Enterprise branch of the anti-human trafficking charity Red Light Campaign which raises awareness about modern-day slavery and supports survivors of human trafficking.  All proceeds from House of Beth sales go directly to the charity so not only are will you be wearing the coolest vintage, upcycled, recycled clothing, you will be financially supporting survivors of slavery. 

House of Beth garden collection