For inspiration on how you can be greener, look no further than these pages. We have our top 10 green tips below, advice on ways of calculating your carbon footprint and suggestions of ways to be green at home, at work and beyond.  So there’s really no excuse for anyone looking to take the plunge and be greener.

Top Ten Green Tips

1. Get on your bike
Cycling not only keeps you fit, it saves money, avoids traffic jams & it’s great for the environment! Your local authority will teach you to cycle for free if you’re a bit wobbly on your wheels.

2. Compost Crazy
Products like egg boxes and shredded paper can be thrown on the compost heap, as well as all the usual fruit and veg peelings. Your local council may provide green bins. Or how about getting a wormery to enhance your organic waste even further? Look for a local suppliers or try wiggly wiggers.

3. Natural Clothes
When choosing clothes, why not make the natural choice? Modern synthetic fibres make for cheap fashion but often don't help the environment. For example, did you know that polyester is made from the same petrochemical compound as plastic water bottles? While cotton production has its own problems. Organic natural fibres are, in general, the greener choice and will last longer.

4. Eat Less Meat
Producing meat is a very energy-intensive business. The livestock industry is responsible for an incredible 18% of the world’s carbon emissions. Grow some food on your window sill or in your garden. Try to buy local, seasonal and, if possible, organic food. Don’t buy air-freighted fresh food. For more info click take a look at the section on Be Greener: Food

5. Stop Printing
Try to save on paper by not printing. Change your email signature with a message saying:

6. Standby
An average of 10% of a household's power can be attributed to standby. You can save money and energy simply by unplugging appliances or switching devices off at the power point they are connected to when not in use.

7. Renewable Energy
Switch your electricity supply to a 100% renewable energy provider like Good Energy. Or you could sign up with Ecotricity, who are building more renewable capacity per customer than any other UK company.

8. Save as you go
- Refuse plastic bags in shops. Keep spare bags or “bags for life” by the front door to take shopping.
- Try to carry a travel mug or a metal water bottle with you rather than using disposable cups or buying water bottles.

9. Green watering for the garden
Gardening this summer? Try buying a water butt to catch rainfall that you can later use to water your plants. It's more planet-friendly than using tap water, which has to go through energy-intensive purification to make it drinkable. The plants won't mind if you save rain for them instead.

10. Start Sowing
Now is the time to get sowing! Sowing your own seeds will save you money and help the environment, as well as being fun. Now is the time of year to start growing your vegetables or herbs in your garden or window box. Search around for organic seeds if possible, or heritage seeds, to help safeguard rare varieties. Gardner's World have some great tips.