Chanukah – ethical giving ideas

Find an extensive (60+) and imaginative guide for non-toy alternatives, from blogger Lulastic and the hippy shake, crowdsourced by her readers – these are the most creative ideas for not buying more stuff! Arranged in categories (working / making / culture / experiencing). I love the idea of giving ‘something to take apart (like an old typewriter) and a screwdriver’ – seriously fun, I know this would occupy my child for HOURS!


Tips for a No Waste Festive Season – an Australian Christmas campaign, but the six areas that they have identified apply just as much to Chanukah:

– reduce food waste

– moments not things

– DIY gifts

– avoid over-packaging

– shop locally

– no new decorations

The blog has some great posts with tips such as ‘5 ways to wrap gifts without trashing the planet’ and ‘inexpensive DIY gifts in jars’.


Ethical Consumer has rated online sellers:

Their No. 1 ethical retailer is Global Seesaw which sells a fab range of fairtrade and environmentally friendly bags, jewellery and clothing.


Also highly rated is New Internationalist selling books, calendars, clothing, accessories and items for home and garden.


(Full Shopping guide to Ethical Online Retailers, from Ethical Consumer)


Many of the traders from the Fair Chanukah Fayre sell via their websites…


Check out Cosy Mama for deliciously soft felted baby booties and accessories for grown-ups.


Only Denim for handmade, upcycled denim soft furnishings.


Utala – homeware, lifestyle, kids.







Pucket – the world’s no. 1 elasticated table game!

(Full list of FCF2013 traders)


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If you are buying chocolate Chanukah ‘gelt’, seek out Divine chocolate coins which are certified kosher and fairtrade.

Happy Chanukah everyone!

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