Jewish Vegetarian Society

The Jewish Vegetarian Society is an international charity dedicated to promoting a kinder world, without killing animals for food. The Society spreads awareness of the benefits of rejecting cruelty to animals and the extension of this to an improved society where mankind is not cruel to fellow beings, both human and animals. These sentiments are […]

Vegan Pancake Day – 6 recipes

I LOVE PANCAKES! Though I often eat pancakes on birthdays, festivals, Sundays, random evenings, I still wait for pancake day with enthusiasm all year round. This is my opportunity to have a meal of savoury pancakes to start and sweet pancakes to finish. It feels like a victory meal. Once when I was ten I […]

Ten top dishes I have made this year (animal free)

Lentil Roast by Rose Elliot – this is one of our FAVOURITE recipes by the queen of vegetarian. My husband who is a real meat lover and his family all really like this recipe and it is really easy. It takes a couple of times to get the water/lentil ratio right. Carrot, Cumin and kidney […]

Pickle Making Workshop

We had a great time making Sauerkraut last night at New North London Synagogue as part of their #40for40.   Recipe for Sauerkraut in a jar: INGREDIENTS Salt = 1 tsp per 1 pound (this can be anything from ½ a tspn to 2 tspns per pound) Cabbage Jar Water Take off the outer or […]

Homeless at Chanukah

 If your winter shelf is anything like mine, I have plenty of hats, gloves and scarves that I seem to have amassed over the years from Chanukah presents, to winter sale items.  Now is a good time of year to sort through unused items in your closets and give them away.  We are organising a […]

Chanukah – ethical giving ideas

Find an extensive (60+) and imaginative guide for non-toy alternatives, from blogger Lulastic and the hippy shake, crowdsourced by her readers – these are the most creative ideas for not buying more stuff! Arranged in categories (working / making / culture / experiencing). I love the idea of giving ‘something to take apart (like an […]

10 Top preloved and ethical brand Christmas/Chanukah dresses

Do you want your work Christmas party dress to be a bit extra special? Are you worried you and everyone else will be wearing the same Topshop sparkly number? I have selected some of my favourite preloved or ethical brand winter party outfits out there. A drop waist, red velvet lovely festive dress from Monsoon at […]

Community of Opportunity: An Experiential Learning Retreat on Intentional Communities

There will be a short application process with the intention to understand why you want to come to this retreat and what you would want to see in the programme. Email Nikki Levitan or for an application. This is a co-creation and we welcome people’s ideas and suggestions. This retreat is sponsored by Moishe House, […]

Ethical wedding/engagement rings

There are various options for more ethical wedding rings. Having visited a gold mine a few years ago, I realized there was no way I could wear something that reminded me of that environment for the rest of my life. A wedding ring should make you happy! Not fill you with dread and despair about […]